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Publish Date 2015-12-08
performance parameter
Regulation ratio
maximum power
280000 kcal/h
Minimum power
7800 kcal/h
Natural gas consumption
33 Nm3/h
Minimum gas consumption of natural gas
0.9 Nm3/h
Gas inlet pressure
18 - - 22 mbar
Burner main parts
Combined solenoid valve HONEYWELL
Ratio motor SIEMENS
Ignition transformer SIEMENS
Program controller SIEMENS
Air pressure switch DUNGS
YK300 burner with complete control system and safety device
Customers only need to provide the appropriate pressure range of inlet gas, start the power supply and temperature control signal can be.
If you want to know more about the installation of the burner, supporting the use of the way, with the summer of Shanghai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. sales personnel contact.
The main function of the tension finishing is to improve the evenness of the fabric door, adjust the state of the warp and weft yarns in the fabric, so as to correct the skew and avoid the deformation of the fabric during the wearing process. Its principle is to use the natural fiber fabric in the wet conditions of the plasticity, the fabric will be gradually extended to the size of the specified size, and stable drying. Hot air stenter machine combined with needle cloth dual-purpose tongs, drying room temperature 50 - 250 degrees Celsius can be adjusted when using the clip and drying room temperature control of tenter drying technology at 100 degrees Celsius, when the needle clip and drying room temperature control heat setting process in the 180 - 210 degrees Celsius range. The structure of the machine is divided into several parts, such as the stretching part, the drying room, the cloth and so on.
Process description
The government is concerned about environmental protection
Enterprises pay attention to energy saving and consumption reduction
Therefore, it is imperative to transform the original equipment in textile industry!
Natural gas is a clean energy, strong support of local government; application of direct combustion technology greatly improves the utilization rate of energy, through the transformation of the traditional oil equipment we found that direct combustion technology can reduce energy consumption by 30%, reduce production costs and increase market competitiveness of inefficient enterprises.


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