• BJ300 direct-fired burner
  • BJ300 direct-fired burner
  • BJ300 direct-fired burner
  • BJ300 direct-fired burner

BJ300 direct-fired burner

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BJ 300 BJ 400

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1 Parts

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Product Description

Combustion type BJ-300 BJ-400 BJ-600 Calorific value About 400,000 Kcal/Hr About 600,000 Kcal/Hr About 1 million Kcal/Hr Use of gas LPG NG Control mode Control motors into HI-LOW or proportional control Power supply AC110/AC220V 50HZ/60HZ Ignition method First female fire Detection methods Ultraviolet photoelectric detection devices Gas takes over 25A 40A 25A 40A 40A 50A Weight 33Kg 33Kg 40Kg 40Kg 58Kg 58Kg • Hot air temperature: 350 ℃ • The combustion air temperature: 60 ℃ ² corresponding pressure: -1~+2kPa Strengths: • Compact Devices to control the gas and air, detection devices and ignition devices are grouped together. L combustion stability The burner nozzle mixing methods and, therefore, does not produce a backfire, and burning which can get stability over a wide range. L large turndown ratio This burner can be adjusted. L combustion control easier Just follow the instructions to adjust the pressure. • Simple and convenient maintenance Can open directly from the external burner, igniter, test rods, air mixing nozzle replacement. Direct-fired direct-fired burner modular burn CC amplitude setting natural gas direct-fired machine transformation of natural gas combustion in industrial furnace

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